We deliver depth.

AIRY3D creates simple, disruptive depth solutions – with focus on people, technology, and valued partners – addressing challenges of the 3D vision and imaging industry.

Our mission is to establish AIRY3D as a leader in the computer vision ecosystem by offering a cost-effective imaging solution enabling CMOS image sensors to simultaneously capture 2D images with 3D depth.

Our story

A spin-off of TandemLaunch, a Montreal “startup factory,” AIRY3D was founded by Jonathan Saari, Ji-Ho Cho, and Guillaume Poirier in 2015. The company has grown with further support from leading investors in the industry including Bosch Venture Capital and Intel Capital underscoring its strong technology offering and promising future. Protected by over 28 patents, AIRY3D’s unique technology addresses multiple vertical markets worldwide. Its close collaboration with partners and customers is leading to successful incorporation of DepthIQ technology on multiple CMOS sensors.

AIRY3D is dedicated to revolutionizing how machines perceive the world. Our ambition is driven by a commitment to complexity with simplicity, versatility, and affordability, ensuring AIRY3D’s solutions are accessible and transformative for customers in industries worldwide.

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